Series E Globe Valves

Series E Globe Valves
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CONTROL VALVES - Series E Globe Valves

Available sizes in the Series ED & ET Globe Valves: 1, 1½, 2, 2½, 3, 4, 6 and 8 inch

Available sizes in the Series EZ Globe Valve: 1, 1-1/2, and 2 inch

The CVS Series E is a single port globe-style body with composition or metal seats and a balanced “push-down-to-close” valve plug.

There are three styles of valves available:

  • Design “CVS ED” is intended for general control application over a wide variety of temperature and pressure drops.
  • Design “CVS ET” is intended for applications requiring low leakage rates with composition seating (TFE) for tight shutoff requirements or metal-to-metal seating for higher temperature capabilities. The valve plug has a two-piece upper seal.
  • Design "CVS EZ" valves are globe-style with integral end connections, post guiding, and quick-change trim. These valves are used in chemical or hydrocarbon processing applications or in applications that require control of non-lubricating, viscous, or other hard-to-handle fluids.

*Flow Characteristics are Equal percentage, quick opening,

The flow direction for standard cages ("CVS ED & CVS ET") is flow down, and the flow direction for the CVS EZ is up through the seat ring with the following flow characteristics available: linear, quick opening, and equal percent.

The end connections are ANSI Class 150, 300 and 600 Raised Face or Ring Type joint flanges as per ASME B16.34-1996.

Valve bodies are available in LCC, WCB and 316sst material.

CVS Controls manufactures Control Valves and associated instrumentation products to specification that facilitate the direct replacement with FISHER* process control equipment.