Series EW Globe Valves

Series EW Globe Valves
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The CVS Series EWD, EWS and EWT valve bodies are a single port globe-style body with cage guiding, clamped seat rings and “push-down-to-close” plug action.

There are three styles of valves available:

  • Design “CVS EWD” is intended for general control application over a wide variety of temperature and pressure drops. This design has a balanced plug with metal-to-metal seating.
  • Design “CVS EWS” is intended for applications requiring better shutoff capabilities than those suitable for the EWD. This valve uses an unbalanced valve plug with metal-to-metal seating or optional metal-to-TFE seating.
  • Design "CVS EWT" is suitable for applications with stringent shutoff requirements. This valve uses a balanced valve plug with metal-to-TFE seating, or metal-to-metal seating for higher temperatures.

The flow direction for EWD and EWT is normally flow down, and the EWS is normally flow up with the following flow characteristics available: linear, quick opening, and equal percent.

The end connections are ANSI Class 300, 600, and 900 Raised Face or Ring Type joint flanges. Buttwelded ends are available in Schedule 40 or 80 for class 300 and 600 and schedule 80 or XXS for class 900.

Valve bodies are available in LCC, WCB and 316sst material.