900 Control Station

900 Control Station
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900 Control Station

Honeywell's 900 Control Station is an advanced user interface with color display and finger touch. It is available in two display sizes – 10.4 inch and 15 inch – and can be easily configured, operated and managed. The product is suitable for demanding global applications and its full metal case design and water-tight front bezel assembly make the 900 Control Station ideal for tough industrial environments.

How Does It Work?

The 900 Control Station includes the Station Designer PC configuration software, supports Ethernet-based connectivity, and has an advanced user interface, along with an optional Wi-Fi interface which provides users the flexibility of viewing and managing their process from anywhere. It includes two USB host ports and one USB device port to extend data export functions and transfer controller configurations. A combination of predefined display features and custom display development tools, user-friendly touchscreen control, and hardware push buttons on the front panel enable easy execution of interface tasks. The 900 Control Station provides advanced record keeping with its expandable flash memory socket, while its support for multiple languages makes it suitable for global applications.

What Problems Does It Solve?

Honeywell's 900 Control Station helps reduce engineering time with a global integrated database with HC900 process and safety controller, thus reducing users' total operating costs. With its advanced and user-friendly interface, it brings ease-of-use and convenience to users, improving operator efficiency and boosting manufacturing speed.